Ready to Fix your IT Projects? Here is a 10 – 30 – 90 day plan

The first 10 Days
Our Project Success Manager(s)  will engage with you to understand the IT Projects and prepare a list of critical and pressing Issues that need to be dealt with urgently.

We will present you with options to deal with your IT problems.

The next 30-day plan
With your buy-in, we will process to the next stage to make difficult but needed changes to the Projects, Programmes and the IT Portfolio.
This is the hardest part because if we don’t change for the better, we will continue to accrue the same old results.

The 90 day plan

This is the crucial handover phase where we setup the Projects for Success and watch your team take lead.

Your team starts thinking of Business outcomes and Business benefits to justify their engagement. This type of focus can deliver many benefits like

  • Improved Customer facing operations
  • Improvemenet in delivery to the Business
  • Challenging everyday why an IT Project needs to continue
  • Delivering continuous improvements in a cost-effective manner

Our aim is not to become your Employee but to provide IT trouble-shooting and prepare your IT team for the new world.

It’s never too late to turnaround your IT Projects. Just drop us a Hello note on