We Fix Projects dealing with Customer Sales, Customer Service, Customer Marketing and Customer Commerce.

We Fix Customer Facing IT Projects

Our Project Success Manager(s) Specialise in fixing Customer Facing IT Projects that directly contribute to your Business Success.

Fix IT Projects

Fix IT Projects

  • IT Projects that should improve Sales but have lost their way in complex CRM processes
  • IT Projects that should delight Customers to buy again but have become a drag on Finances
  • IT Projects that should find new Customers but ended up spending more than they bring-in
  • IT Projects that should enable online Sales but have instead become costly to maintain
Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • We Fix IT Projects so they deliver Business Benefits
  • Transform the way you deal with your Customers – Anywhere, Anytime on any Device
  • Your IT function is failing you if they fail to deliver Digital Transformation that directly supports Business growth
  • We will help you reset IT so it is aligned to your Business Growth.
You can start with 1 Project Success Manager

How much does it cost?

The initial assessment Phase lasts around 7-10 days at roughly £550 – £850 per day.
We don’t work full-time as our aim is not to be your Employee but your trouble-shooter.