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Get Support for your Online Business - Remotely

Get highly skilled resources for all your Online e-Commerce Support needs at a price that you decide.

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Full e-Commerce Support

Whether it’s Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, Square, eBay, Amazon or any online e-Commerce Platform, we support them.

We help you get the right skilled resources to maintain frequent platform updates, add new payment methods or Products.

Online Products need to be updated just like you update shelves. We help you maintain your online presence across all product lines.

Online e-Commerce
Online Business Transformation

Go Online: From Bricks to Clicks

We will help you setup everything you need to create your online store, do the Marketing, Sales, provide customer support, manage online deliveries, payments and refunds.

We will help your traditional Business to become an Online Business and compete with the largest players in your field – at a fraction of the cost.

All your online platforms will be supported remotely from India and you can get the best quality people at really affordable prices for long term growth of your Business.

Get IT support in UK. Pay India rates.

starting from just £625 per month

The average salary of an IT support engineer in India is INR 600,000/year which is roughly £6,500/year or roughly £550/month.
We charge a fixed 12% admin fee on top of the salary you pay for the IT support engineer.